BIOPHYTIS is a biotechnology company created in 2006. It develops first-in-class drugs to treat degenerative illnesses associated with aging for which there is currently no treatment. Its two most advanced programmes relate to sarcopenia (loss of muscle functionality) and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).


Aging populations are having a huge effect on Western societies as well as those of Japan, China and Russia. The elderly population in these societies already represents hundreds of millions of people. This number is set to double between now and 2050, reaching as many as 2 billion (source WHO).

However, increased longevity can result in a long period of impairment.


New and disabling pathologies

Subject to limited research until now, age-related diseases (neurodegenerative diseases, muscular dystrophies and ARMD etc.), which are characterised by the progressive degeneration of one or more organs, are rapidly becoming more prevalent. Living conditions such as quality of nutrition, physical activity and stress factors, have a major influence on these diseases.


They can be very incapacitating and represent a social distress factor. Managing these illnesses costs health services billions of euros.

Filling a therapeutic gap

As of today, the only available treatments address the later stages of the pathology, or just 10 to 20% of all patients because they are expensive and time-consuming (hormone injections and monoclonal antibodies for example). The aim of BIOPHYTIS is to respond to the needs of patients already diagnosed at an ‘intermediate’ stage, for whom there is no treatment.