We have currently tested the safety and efficacy of Sarconeos (BIO101) in a global, randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2 clinical trial in sarcopenia  (SARA-INT).

The last patient out was in December 2020.  From the 233 initially enrolled in the 22 centers in the US and Belgium, 196 participants with sarcopenia at risk of mobility disability completed the study.

Top line results of SARA-INT Phase 2 study with Sarconeos (BIO101) in Sarcopenia have been announced on August 02, 2021.

  • Sarconeos (BIO101) at the highest dose (350 mg bid) showed a clinically meaningful improvement in the 400-meter walk test (400MWT), the primary endpoint of the study
  • Sarconeos (BIO101) showed a very good safety profile at the doses of 175 mg bid and of 350 mg bid with no Serious Adverse Events (AE) related to the product.

Sarconeos (BIO101) now has the potential to be the first drug candidate to enter Phase 3 in sarcopenia. Following discussions with regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States, the goal is to obtain all regulatory approvals in the second half of 2022 in order to be able to initiate the Phase 3 clinical trial.

The primary endpoint of this Phase 3 trial as presented to the agencies is the ability to complete the 400m walk test in less than 15 minutes. This primary endpoint will be supplemented by the following secondary endpoints: Gait speed 4-m from SPPB, grip strength (HGS) and Patient Reported Outcome (PRO).