Code of Ethics

To the teams and stakeholders of Biophytis


Our mission as a biotechnology company is to develop a portfolio of innovative products for addressing unmet medical needs. We are committed to strengthen our scientific capacity by bringing our teams closer to our partners to address age-related and genetic degenerative diseases. Our priority today is to continue developing our drug candidates until their clinical activity in patients is demonstrated for the main targeted indications.

Our primary goal is to federate everyone and build strong relationships by sharing the same values and improving everyone’s daily life.

Therefore, we ask all of our employees, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders working with us and for us to act with creativity, integrity, humanity, agility and impact.

We are each accountable for or own decision. This code provides an ethical and behavioral framework to guide our actions and decision making.

It is crucial that everyone at Biophytis, at all times, conduct in compliance with this Code and exercise reasonable judgment to avoid any improper behavior and remain proud of what they are doing.


Stanislas Veillet, CEO



The creativity is part of our DNA and actively promoted in our ways of working with our employees and partners. We remain attentive to the evolution of our environment while being able to adapt and maintain professional skepticism. We constantly reinvent ourselves to deliver innovative solutions in all dimensions of our mission.


We are committed to working in a transparent manner and sharing openly and honestly our research data with our partners, shareholders and patients. We rely upon each other to act with ethical behavior and comply with laws, regulations, and applicable standards


We strive to attract and retain the best people by inspiring each other. We encourage individual achievement through coaching, recruitment and training. We care to build long-term relationships and to work closely with our partners so they can reveal themselves through our collaboration.


Our corporate culture enables us to be agile to address scientific, technical, regulatory, and business challenges. To effectively grow in an evolving environment, we work in a responsive manner to have the ability to adapt very quickly to market developments and patients’ needs.


We aim to improve patients’ daily lives by providing efficient treatments for all. We are committed to deliver tangible solutions to patients, clinicians, scientists and business partners. The primary objective of our day-to-day activities is to have a positive impact on society by improving well-being and quality of life.