Biophytis announces today that it has performed the obligations imposed on it by (i) the judgment of the Commercial Court of Paris (Tribunal de commerce de Paris) of March 16, 2021 and (ii) the judgment of July 16, 2021 of the Enforcement Judge of the Judicial Court of Paris (Juge de l’exécution du Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris) (see press releases of March 19, 2021 and July 19, 2021, available on the Company’s website) in the case opposing Biophytis to Negma Group Ltd (“Negma”) in relation to the ORNANEBSA agreement entered into on August 21, 2019. As part of this performance, Biophytis issued 4,950,000 new shares to Negma, in connection with a capital increase reserved for Negma pursuant to the 13th delegation of the general meeting of May 10, 2021.