Convening of Another Combined General Meeting at a Later Date

Biophytis informs its shareholders that the combined Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on June 3, 2022 was unable to deliberate, as the required quorum was not reached.

The shareholders taking part in the vote owned collectively 23 514 980 shares, or 15.45% of the share capital, and 16.19% of the voting rights. The 20% quorum necessary for holding an ordinary AGM on first call and the 25% quorum necessary for holding an extraordinary General Meeting on first call have not been reached.

Therefore, in the absence of the quorum required to rule on the ordinary and extraordinary resolutions, none of the proposed resolutions have been put to the vote of the shareholders and the AGM is adjourned. Shareholders will therefore be invited to another combined AGM, on the second call, to be held at a later date with the same agenda.

The vote of shareholders who submitted their vote via the post, email or the Internet for the first general meeting remains valid and counted for the general meeting on the second call.